Our Real Estate & Development Clients use our services to help sell their properties and attract tenants.
We serve the Commercial Real Estate market in the Bay Area, California, Nevada and the West.

SkyHawk Photography help make your projects look great!

We offer custom photo packages
for Real Estate & Development

High Altitude Aerials
showing the
property and surrounding areas such
as freeways, schools, housing and
shopping centers.

Low Altitude Aerials of the property
and supporting infrastructure i.e.
parking, public transportation.

Vertical showing a straight down
mapping view of the property.

Drone Images showing the property
from a low altitude, close-up
perspective and medium altitude
showing nearby landmarks.

Ground Based Photos of the
property at various angles.

Interior photos of conference rooms,
tenant suites, lobbies etc.

These photos are intended to show
your property in it's best light!

Give us a call at (925) 229-4295 or
email us at
for more information about our aerial
and ground photo packages.
in the
San Francisco Bay Area.
High Altitude Aerial
Low Altitude Aerial
Ground Interior
Ground Exterior - Elevated Using Telescopic Mast
Vertical Image
Zoom Image
Aerial, Ground & Specialty Imaging
Airplane - Helicopter - Drone
Photography & Video
Photographer: Brian Haux
Office: (925) 229-4295  Cell: (925) 787-3313  
153 Macalvey Drive Suite 100
Martinez, CA 94553
Ground Exterior
Rooftop Patio Exterior
Twilight Exterior With Light Streaks - Illustrates Movement
High Dynamic Range (HDR).  Highlights Shadowed
Areas and Gives a Artistic Look to an Urban Setting
Exterior Panoramic Image
High Dynamic Range (HDR)
Low Altitude Drone View
Medium Altitude Drone View